Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club

Golden Triangle Obedience Training Club

Training Information : Lisa Pisarcik, Training Secretary Call 412-653-6880
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Kindergarten Puppy Training Class - Socialization, basic skills (name recognition,


come, sit, down, not jump up, walk on loose lead, settle, bite inhibition, and general

manners along with techniques that will help you bond with your dog and make him a

welcome member of the family.Basic Training Class (Over Six Months of Age) –

Exposes new and experienced dog owners to the training that dogs need for good

manners at home and in public plus basic skills (come, sit, down, not jump up, walk

on loose lead, settle) to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Beginning Novice Class (Class after Basic) – Work towards off-leash control and

continuation to perfect home obedience, prepare to show in obedience competition

and enhance overall obedience needed in Agility and other off-leash related

activities. Exercises working towards a CGC, Canine Good Citizenship Certificate, will

be offered.

Open Training Class (Class after Advanced Novice) – Offers all previous skills

learned plus working towards perfecting on and off leash obedience control,

retrieving, drop on recall, jumping (high jumps and broad), out-of-sights, and other

exercises required to compete in Open Obedience at an AKC event.

Utility Training Class (Class after Open) – Covers all previous exercises plus scent

articles, hand signals, directed glove retrieve, directed jumping , and moving stand

for examine required to complete in Utility Obedience at an AKC event.

Rally – You and your dog learn to follow a course of designated stations that have a

sign providing instructions regarding the next skill that is to be performed with you

and your dog arriving at the finish line together. You are encouraged to talk to your

dog the entire time. This makes it fund for both of you. Scoring is not as rigorous as

traditional obedience.

Clicker - Clicker training is a powerful training technique useful in dog training

everywhere from obedience to agility to freestyle to companion or service animals.

Students will learn to clicker train their dogs, and teach several behaviors to their

dogs using the clicker. The class will be designed to be both an introductory class for

people who have never clicker-trained an animal, and a more advanced class for

people who have some background in clicker training.

Conformation – Learn how to handle your dog and show your dog’s best attributes

in the breed ring/span