The objectives of the Golden Triangle Obedience Club are to:


- Disseminate knowledge by participating in community activities and educating the general public to encourage responsible pet ownership for the purpose of keeping pets out of shelters, rehabilitating dogs adopted from shelters or rescue organizations, promoting health and safety for pets and people, and alleviating behavioral problems in dogs.

 - Promote well-mannered dogs in the home and community by conducting training classes for preparation of dogs and handlers to take the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dogs International (TDI) tests, and serve as a testing site for these tests. Dogs and handlers with training and certification can serve the community by providing therapy dog services in hospitals, nursing homes, elementary schools, colleges/universities, hospice care facilities, and residences of the elderly.

 - Conduct training classes and educational seminars to prepare dogs and handlers for participation in competitive dog performance events, and also conduct and sponsor various events, i.e., obedience trials, tracking tests, and sanctioned matches under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club.        

- Promote good sportsmanship in training classes and performance events.

- Give advice to legislative bodies on legislation relative to dogs, their treatment, and their control.

- Encourage the training of judges and continued education and mentoring of instructors.

GTOTC members participate in many community events and contribute to community organizations such as libraries. Members offer obedience training from puppy through advanced classes. Instructors and assistants are volunteer members who offer experience, guidance and supervision to students. We emphasize education and training for owners and their dogs. Our goal is to pass on our experience and knowledge to the people who attend our classes and to help them train their dog. A well-trained dog will be likeable member of your family and asset to the community rather than a problem pet that could end up in a shelter. Most behavioral problems are corrected with proper instruction and patient, consistent training by the dog owner.

Members with therapy dogs visit schools, Hospitals, nursing homes.

One of our TDI dogs visiting Children’s Hospital

 Barbara Powischill – cindersmom_2@hotmail.com - _ teaches therpy dogs and owners.

Barbara Powischill is an American Kennel Club Evaluator for the Canine Good Citizen and the S.T.A.R. Puppy tests.  

Barb can be reached at either cindersmom­­_2@hotmail.com or at 412-881-5683.

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